Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome To My Closet!

Dear Surfers,

Thank you for surfing my blog! This blog is specially created to sell almost anything & everything that i have in my closet !

It could be anything..from clothing to accessories, household item, babies products @ maybe sumthing u've never think off...(i cant think much rite now..hahah)

It maybe a new item @ my preloved item (nak buang sayang, nak simpan tak cukup tempat dah the best thing is sell it to those who interested kan ...). I'm surely will let u know whether it's new @ my preloved item when i post the info. Dont worry huh..!

The price..? I'll make sure the price is affordable for u all to grab it...that's a promise!

The courier? I will send it by POS LAJU & at this moment, buyer will bear the courier charge. As usual, only RM 6 for 500 gram & below. If you purchase more ..then, we can nego about it! :)

Ok friends, till then, please come again & thanks again for supporting me!

Bonita Club TEAM


Lovely Mommy... said...

cool idea!!! i support you especially kalau barangan wanita ahahah...

Watie Aziz said...

tq dude...nanti aku dah siap amik gambar aku upload ah..mmg plan nak buat bisnes accessories balik ..dulu aku start with accessories ..then bila wat perfume..aku fokus kan perfume coz masa tu nak start up...alhamdulillah skang perfume dah ok sket ... leh lah aku sambung bisnes lama ..hehehe